Poll Shows Doctors Split on Ebola

A recent poll of 1000 doctors by the Medical Society of the State of New York of 1000 doctors showed some interesting results. Close to 72% believed that anyone returning from the infection zones, namely, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone should be quarantined; however, an equal amount said that they should be quarantined at home and not put be isolated by the government.

Additionally, only 43% agreed that the government should put a ban on flights from West Africa, while 57% said no. But the 43% is still a substantial number of physicians who said yes (484).

Notwithstanding, most doctors surveyed said that United States is adequately prepared for an Ebola outbreak.

Comments were diverse. Some physicians emphasized a ban would be productive, while others were adamant against it. Other doctors expressed concern over the ‘paranoia’ that is being hyped up in the media and that we should be more concerned about the flu then Ebola was mentioned as well.

To see the report with exact percentages, please click here.

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