Nurses File Claims

According to CNN, the National Nurses United, a nurse’s union have determined that there were numerous ‘faults’ associated in Dallas with the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. The claims pertain to preparation protocols of nurses who tented to Mr. Duncan, the man who contracted Ebola in West Africa, but became ill in the United States. Two nurses contracted the disease, but survived.

The claims were the following:

  • Mr. Duncan wasn’t immediately quarantined
  • The nurses’ protective gear wasn’t adequate as it their necks exposed
  • Hazardous waste was not properly organized and monitored
  • Nurses received no ‘hands-on’ training when attending to Ebola patients

Nurses dispute the claim that Nina Pham, one of the nurses who contracted Ebola was not following protocols, fought this claim stating that there were no protocols.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital disputed these accusations and in a statement said “Many of the comments we have seen or heard in the media are only loosely based on fact, but are often out of context and sensationalized. Others are completely inaccurate,”.

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