Nurse Quarantined Upon Arrival to Newark Airport

A volunteer nurse who landed at Newark Liberty International Airport and came from Sierra Leone was immediately put under mandatory quarantine, has ridiculed the new New Jersey (and New York) policies of quarantine. The policy states that all medical personnel arriving from West Africa who had contact with Ebola patients must be isolated for 21 days after arriving in the United States. The policy was implemented Friday (10/24) by New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, as they feel that more stringent rules needed to be initiated when a New York doctor was diagnosed with Ebola after returning from Guinea, West Africa.

The quarantined nurse, Kaci Hickox, is claiming that she is being treated like “criminals and prisoners.” She said in an interview with CNN that “This is not a situation I would wish on anyone, and I am scared for those who will follow me.” But the policies have been set and the governors made it clear that these rules will remain in effect in order to decrease the spread of the disease in such populated areas as New York and New Jersey. Hickox has been tested twice for Ebola, both of which were negative; however, she still remains in quarantine in a Newark, New Jersey hospital for the next for 21 days, until it is confirmed she does or does not have Ebola.

When New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was questioned about this new policy, he said that the governors did not consult with him, but he agrees with their action. To alleviate fears and possible panic in NYC, the mayor took the subway to work and dinned at The Meatball Shop in the West Village, where Ebola stricken Dr. Spencer was eating before he was quarantined. The restaurant was closed down voluntarily for one day, then reopened after the Board of Health issued that the restaurant was free of the disease. The owner of The Meatball Shop said that after they reopened the line to get in stretched across the block.

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