New York Nurses Rally Against Staffing Shortage

An article in the Oneida Dispatch reported that on Tuesday, April,21, 2015,“about 1,000 members of the NYS Nurses Association rallied to draw attention to what they say is a staffing crisis” in which “nurses are called on to work extra shifts to cover for a shortage of care-givers.” Among the other concerns voiced by the nurses was the vaccination rate, which is currently only 80%, that contributes to the “families devastated by meningitis deaths.” The Medical Society of the State of New York, the Academy of Family Physicians, and other groups “urged support for a bill” that would “add meningitis vaccinations to the standard vaccination schedule for 6th and 11th grade students in New York.”

Specifically, about 1,000 members of the NYS Nurses Association demonstrated regarding what they believe is a staffing crisis.  A frequent call for more to work extra shifts in order to cover a shortage of care-givers. In view of this, some nurses work overtime shifts are 12 hours long, advised Kim Moore of Malta, Saratoga County, a nurse at Ellis Hospital’s Bellevue campus. She also stated “We have too few nurses and we have a high vacancy rate,”. “A lot of people are quitting because they don’t like the conditions they work in.”

The nurses union is urging support for the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act, which sets minimum staffing levels for all hospitals, but hospital groups are opposing this act stating that “mandatory staff-to-patient ratios will result in the closing of services and reducing beds available to care for the sick.”

The increase in meningitis deaths has also prompted family members of people who have died from the disease to hold a press conference for a call to pass a bill requiring students to be vaccinated for meningitis before attend public school.

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