Essential Qualities of a Nurse

Nurse WorkingNo one can deny the importance of good nurses in the healthcare industry. The compassion and determination with which a good nurse performs his/ her duties and takes care of patients is extremely important for maintaining the efficacy of the healthcare system of any society.

But, what are the qualities that make nurses such an important part of the system?

Here we list down some essential qualities that one must have if he/she is considering a career in nursing. So, if you are confused whether you should pursue a nursing career or not, have a look at the following list and see if you have what it takes to become a nurse.

Empathetic nature

Being empathetic to patients’ suffering is important for providing them with the quality care and support they need. Since there are chances that a nurse becomes indifferent to patients’ problems with the period of time, it is important that you keep your empathetic nature alive to remain a great nurse because, in addition to the care nurses provide, patients look up to them for support.

Communication Skills

While having effective communication skills is important in various careers, it is critical in nursing profession. A good nurse should be able to communicate well with all of his/ her patients and their families. This include both listening to their issues and providing them guidance and support. Having effective communication with your patients and their families is also important to make sure they clearly understand your instructions regarding the medications and lifestyle changes necessary for their health.


Being flexible is important for nurses because they often do not have fixed schedules. Emergencies and many other situations demand them to provide their services at different times and at various positions. So, being flexible and having the ability to adjust to varying challenges and deal with different responsibilities are important qualities for becoming a great nurse.


Patients can be irritating and finicky at times and to deal with such situations, a nurse needs to have patience to bear patient’s’ bad tempers. Also, it is important for dealing with patients’ families and for effectively carrying out doctor’s’ orders and make patients follow them too. According to a research, around 60 % patients in the U.S. do not follow their doctor’s instructions; therefore, nurses need to be very patient while dealing with such patients and to make them understand why following doctor’s orders is critical for their health.

Ability to deal with emotions

Long working hours, emergencies and watching patients and their families suffering can be depressing. While it is important that a nurse remain empathetic to his/ her patients, getting too much affected by patients’ conditions and suffering could negatively impact a nurse’s performance. Therefore, nurses need to be emotionally strong, so that they do not get too much affected by patient’s’ sufferings.

Decision making

Since nurses play an important role in dealing with emergencies and providing first aid to patients, it is critical for them to have decision making skills to take quick decisions in case of emergencies. Nurses also have to deal with various problems in the absence of doctors and in such conditions they are the ones responsible for dealing with any situation that need to be addressed immediately. Taking too much time in decision making could be life threatening to patients therefore; it is pertinent that nurses have strong decision making capability.