Ebola Nurse Condition Improves

Nina Pham, the first nurse who contracted Ebola while assisting the first patient to come to the United States with the Disease, was upgraded from Fair to Good. Nina Pham was transferred from the Dallas hospital and admitted to the NIH Clinical Center Special Clinical Studies Unit in Bethesda, Maryland, on Oct. 16.Doctors and scientists are not sure why some people have been able to survive while others died, but they are reviewing a variety of possibilities:

  • The amount of precautions that are taken when attending to an infectious disease patient, as the hospital in Dallas pointed out in an apology their guidelines should have been stringent.
  • The new medicines that are being used.
  • The original location where the patient came from.
  • The basic metabolism of the individual in question. Does (or did) he/she have other medical issues that can complicate bringing back the patient to good health?

One this is certain. Emergency issues such as the Ebola crises will help to accelerate the process of finding a cure and many are hopeful that this may occur within the next two years.

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