Attorney Howard Fensterman Defends Nursing Home


Howard Fensterman Attorney Howard Fensterman of the New York law firm of Abrams, Fensterman, Fensterman, Eisman, Formato, Ferrara & Wolf, LLP is defending the Long Island facility East Neck Nursing Center and its nursing staff against legal action taken against it. The claim is that the nurisng staff arranged to have a male stripper come to the home for their own amusement; however this is disputed by Fensterman that the patients agreed and voted to use a portion of their entertainment budget to pay for this entertainment.
Fensterman also states that it was Mrs. Youngblood’s (the nursing home resident) son’s live-in girlfriend who brought in the 85-year-old woman from her room to attend the event.

The patient’s son claimed his mother was forced to tip the dancer using her own money; but, Fensterman notes form the photograph that it was clear that Mrs. Youngblood’s son’s live-in girlfriend was sitting next to Mrs. Youngblood during the dance routine.
The family is seeking $10 million in punitive damages. No other residents filed a complaint.

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