Benjamin Landa, (aka Ben Landa), CEO of Sentosacare, LLC, located in Woodmere, Long Island has dedicated this site to the nurses and physicians of New York State.

Benjamin LandaMr. Landa knows how hard Sentosacare’s medical staff work to maintain high quality care for their patients as he and business partner, Bent Philipson are passionate about maintaining quality health care at their nursing facilities.

Sentosacare owns 15 facilities throughout New York State and is known for its outstanding achievements in quality health care.

NursingHomesNewYork.com will supply ongoing news and events for the nurses and physicians of New York, so that our audience can keep abreast of the latest news and events related to the medical profession.

Benjamin Landa is also a philanthropist who has recently donated land in Far Rockaway to Yeshiva Darchei Torah for a New Dormitory.



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